You Can Film Siberia or Planet Mars in Kyrgyzstan - Film Commission

Head of KRIFCom and CEO of "Soar Productions" Stanislav Solovkin talked to "Indian media" about what Kyrgyzstan has to offer to foreign filmmakers. Here's a sneak peek:


What, according to you, makes the destination exquisite for filming an Indian film?

Kyrgyzstan is a fresh and new destination. In Soviet times, it was pretty closed due to its proximity to gold and uranium deposits. Then, due to the USSR’s collapse, the country suffered devastating poverty and political instability. Nowadays, it is one of the safest countries in the world.

Creatively, Kyrgyzstan has an overwhelming variety of landscapes. There is everything: snow peaks and deserts, lakes (which can double as the sea) and rivers, forests and the steppes. Many locations can double as Russia or Siberia and even the planet Mars.

You can read the full interview on Box Office India's website.