Filming in Magadan of Magadan Region

Magadan - open-air cinema - the capital of the region. It is in the eternal frost and high seismic activity area at the narrow neck of land between the Nagayeva and Gertena bays of the Okhotsk sea almost in 7000 km from the Zasnezhenaya mountain with outstanding sunsets.

How to get there

By plane. From Moscow it take 7 hours and 30 minutes. The flights are 4 times a week. Also you can get there from Vladivostok, which takes 3,5 hours once a week.

By car. There’s a highway from Yakutsk to Magadan. It is usually used by tourists, taking part in car rallies or by those who are interested in the history of GULAG and want to visit iconic places at the «road of bones». It is that very place, about which they say «it’s better, that you come to us». Kolyma. To be precise, Kolyma highway: ice road (over 2000 km), where the cold records are being constantly broken - the temperature periodically drops to -70°C (-94℉). The GULAG prisoners were making the road through the unscalable mountains, half of them were left there. Don’t be surprised, if you are offered to «make the bones happy» (i.e. search for the human remains in the ground). Here’s it is a kind of a sport and fortune telling simultaneously: if you found a coal bone - the money is waiting for you, a rib - quite family happiness, a skull - a raise at the job.


Magadan is characterized by subarctic climate with traces of marine. Average temperature of the most warm month, July, is +16°C (60℉), average temperature in January is -16 °C (3,2 ℉).


The foundation of the city began in 1930 with the development of the north-eastern gold deposits and other natural resources of the region. Mainly, the construction of the city and the development of the gold deposits were conducted by political prisoners, among which were such famous people as the space rockets constructor S. P. Korolev.

Interesting events

«Gold-digger fortune» festival - the only gold washing contest in Russia. The participants wash the gold from gold sand. The winner is the one, who makes more gold in 15 minutes. The prize is one million rubles.

Nature shooting locations

Nagayeva bay - the main Kolyma bay, where the ships with GULAG prisoners came to. Here was found the main sea-port of Magadan region. Now it’s a place, where you can shoot beautiful sunsets and mountains.

Places of interest

«Sorrow mask» - a memorial to the political prisoners, sent here during Stalin times from all parts of the country. It’s situated at the top of the Krutaya mountain, at the place, where during Stalin times was the «Transitka» transit prison and from where the prisoners were sent to all the Gulag camps.

Mammoth sculpture is made of the metal, lifted from the bottom of the Nagayeva bay. The idea of the author was to create a mammoth from metal scrap. The total weight of the sculpture is around 6 tons. The metal will rust in the salty sea wind and in several years will become orange-brown, which is the color of the ancestor of the elephants. Inside the sculpture there are elements which make sound reminding a mammoth roar in the wind.  

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