Filming in Cheboksary of Chuvashia Republic

Cheboksary - the capital of Chuvashia Republic - one of the major industrial and cultural centers of the Volga region, situated on the right bank of the Volga river in 670 km from Moscow. 

How to get there

One can get from Moscow to Cheboksary from the Dovodedovo airport. The filght takes 2 hours. The most popular way is via railroad. You can get from Moscow to Cheboksary with a “Chuvashia” train, which leaves daily from the Kazan railway station. The trip is 12 hours.


It is cold and snowy in winter. The average temperature is -15 °C (5 °F). However in summer the climate changes to mild and warm. The average summer temperature is 25 °C (77 °F).


There are around 97 nations in the territory of Chuvashia, worshipping 12 religions and cults. At that there are no inter-national confilcts. The monument to the friendship of the nations, included into the symbols of Cheboksary, can be found in the 500 years city anniversary park. The bronze sculpture consists of seen female figures, holding lotuses in their hands. Each one of the seven petals there’s a symbol of a religion - muslim, christian, buddhist, indhuist, hinduism, judaism, zoroastrianism and Chinese philosophy yin and yang. 

Interesting shooting places


Mother-Patron monument. 

A woman and a mother, dressed in national clothes, raising her hands as if blessing the citizens of the city, protects them from trouble. The height is 46 m. It is especially majestics in the sunset rays coming from the opposite embankment. 

Theatre embankment. 

For the 80th anniversary of the Chuvashia republic an original staircase was built on the western slope of the bay, leading to the Chuvashia state opera and ballet theatre. There’s a great view on the modern part of Cheboksary, House of the Government, fountains and a staircase to the bay from the opposite bank.

The “Suvar” park is near Cheboksary. Here, in the territory of 7 ha one can enjoy magnificent creations of the woodcarvers. Wooden sculptures of gods, spirits, people and animals are incredibly picturesque. 

The one and only tractor history museum is in Cheboksary. You can’t find a “don’t touch” sign here. All the exhibits, including the oldest ones, can be not only touched, but ridden. Today the tractor history museum is not just a collection of rarities, but a centre of tractor building popularization. There’s a contest, called “21st century Kulibins”, where the locals present their machinery innovations.

Interesting events

“Asmat” international fireworks festival. Each year in June during the celebration of the Republic Day an international fireworks festival takes place, which is one of the most colorful summer events in the whole Volga region.