Filming in Yaroslavl of Yaroslavl region

Yaroslavl is in administrative center of the Yaroslavl region, included into the “Golden Ring” group of the ancient cities. There are over thirty temples, built mainly during the second half of the XVII century in the times the Yaroslavl architecture prosperity. There are many ancient temples, cathedrals and other monuments of Russian history and architecture, such as Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral of the XVI century, Jesus Nativity cathedral, John the Precursor cathedral, Theophany cathedral and others.

How to get there

Yaroslavl is situated in the north-east of Moscow in 282 km, and in 850 km from St. Petersburg. There are several trains from Moscow to Yaroslavl each day. The trip takes only 3 hours. The ways to get there from St. Petersburg:

By train - around 12 hours.

By plane - 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Yaroslavl airport “Tunoshna” several times a week accepts direct flights of the “RusLine” air company from Pulkovo-1.   


The city is in the mild-continental zone. The average temperature in January is -11°C (12℉), in July +18°C (64℉).


There are over 600 000 people in Yaroslavl, which divided into 6 districts. 

Interesting places

Rich architectural and historical heritage of Yaroslavl attracts many tourists and cinematographers. Since 1913 over 200 movies have been made in the Yaroslavl territory. The citizens got used to the fact, that the city became one big movie set, and almost every second citizen was a part of the extras.

Outdoor shooting

Yaroslavl spit is a place where the corridors of Volga and Korostel rivers are combined in one stream. This is the place with an incredible view to the city, water surface and cathedrals. There’s also a huge park there.

Not far from the spit there’s a former Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery territory, which is a part of UNESCO cultural heritage. Here lies the most ancient stone buildings of Yaroslavl: Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral, Holy gate, Monastery canteen, Campanile. Under their domes one can still feel a medieval city atmosphere. 

Yaroslavl children railway

A railway, imitating the real tracks with moving trains, carriages and stations. The first attraction appeared in 1946, when the line was only 5 km long. The railroad is operated by children. They maintain the movement of trains, the schedule and the lines.

Interesting events

On the last Sunday of March the citizens celebrate the Bear day. In the ancient times, this day considered the time, when the animals wake from winter sleep and the spring begins. This year the celebration is visited by the most famous Yaroslavl bears, the citizens and tourists together with them wearing the masks will take part in the parade. The parade will take place for the first time, it will be conducted along the historical center of the capital of the Golden Ring.