Filming and location scouting in Russian Belgorod Region

Belgorod, also known as “The City of the first salute,” is the administrative center of the Belgorod region.


Film in Belgorod: Geography and Climate

It is founded on the southern edge of the Central Russian Upland, on the banks of the Belgorod reservoir, which is 700 km south of Moscow.  The climate of Belgorod is moderately continental, with hot, dry summers and unpredictable cold winters.

Film in Belgorod: How to Get

The travel to Belgorod takes about 7 hours by train and only 1.5 hours by plane from Moscow.

Film in Belgorod: Population


The city population is 391,555.

Film in Belgorod: History

There were fierce and bloody battles during the Great Patriotic War. It destroyed almost all the historical buildings of Belgorod. This is why the name of the city is “The City of the first salute of Victory” and military glory.

Film in Belgorod: Places of interest.

Most of the sightseeings are of historical importance. So is Museum-Diorama “Kursk Battle” - one of the most visited and famous in Belgorod. The Museum tells about the events of July 12, 1943. It was when the tank battle of Prokhorovka, one of the most significant and most terrible in world history, took place. Belgorod Diorama canvas is 1005 square meters, making it the largest in Europe.  Diorama “Fire Arc,” a part of “Kursk Battle,” opened in 1987. In addition to the Diorama itself, there is a permanent exhibition that gives facts about the events of the war years. There you can find photos, paintings, personal items of the heroes. Military equipment exhibition of the Red Army takes place in front of the Museum.

One of the brightest attractions of Belgorod, solar clocks, is installed in the central part of the city. The accuracy of the gigantic clocks is impressive. In clear weather, this structure made of bronze and granite can show time with an error of fewer than ten minutes! The eleven-meter composition is notable at night -- there are shining stars forming constellations of the northern hemisphere of our planet.

Belgorod region is famous for unusual sights, and one of those is the unique Lebedinsky mining and processing plant. It is the largest domestic enterprise for the extraction of ironstone with its subsequent enrichment. Lebedinsky plant has the most enormous designed pit on the planet. The maximum pit depth is 600 meters; its width is 5 kilometers.  This plant is included in the Guinness book twice. If you wish to visit the observation deck and descend into the giant pit, it can be done exclusively in the tour group upon request. Our experts can arrange it for you.