Filming in Karelia republic: Lake Onega

The second largest freshwater lake in Europe, lake Onega is located in the northwest of Russia: mostly in the Republic of Karelia, but the southern shore is in the Leningrad and Vologda Oblasts (provinces).

Lake Onega`s area is almost 10 000 km2, length - 245 km, width - 92 km, and the maximum depth is 127 m. There are about 1650 islands on Onega lake; the most famous is Kizhi island with an open air museum of wooden architecture.

Fishers with the fishnet - the sculpture near Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk, Karelia republic, Russia

Russia, the Republic of Karelia, Onega Lake: how to get there?

The major city on Lake Onega is Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia. There are direct flights to Petrozavodsk from Moscow or other Russian cities. You can also take the overnight train from Saint Petersburg (it takes about 8 hours) or from Moscow (about 14-18 hours).

The Onega petroglyphs

The Onega petroglyphs are rock engravings on the shores of Lake Onega, date back to around 5000 - 6000 BC. The images are famous all over the world; researchers have called them the Stone Age Bible. There are at least 1200 petroglyphs here. The engravings usually represent people, animals, birds, fish, hunting scenes, battles and everyday life, but sometimes the symbols are abstract and unfamiliar or containing fantastic scenes.

The most famous Onega petroglyphs, including two-meter high Demon, Catfish and Lizard, are located on the Besov Nos cape. Scientists believe that this was the place for making sacrifices. The rock engravings here are surrounded by a stunningly beautiful nature. To get there, you can buy a tour in Petrozavodsk or take a boat in the villages near the cape.

Andoma Mountain

Andoma Mountain is one of the most beautiful places on the shores of Onega Lake. The geological monument, where the basins of the Atlantic ocean, the Arctic ocean and the Caspian sea join together, is located near the town named Vytegra in Vologda oblast. A fabulous panoramic view of the lake, the mouth of Andoma River and the taiga forests would leave you speechless.

Lighthouses of Lake Onega

There are 24 lighthouses on the shores of the Lake Onega. Most of them are abandoned by now, but each one is unique and worth visiting.

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