Film and TV Production Professionals in Kyrgyzstan, and all forme Soviet Union countries

Visas and Customs

Getting the right visa for film or television production is crucial. Many former Soviet republics still require visitors from the United States, the UK, Europe, China and India to apply for a visa in advance.

Visa application could be confusing. Sometimes it could be hard to figure out which visa do you need for film or TV production.    

To the left, you can take a look at our section dedicated to visas and customs procedures. Contact us to get more detailed info about our Visa support.

Location Management & Permits in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia

Together, the 15 former Soviet countries are 2x the size of the US. Some of them are cheap to shoot in, others are not. Some have world-class infrastructure, others are untouched by humans.

Over this area, we can find and scout any location you could imagine. From Russia's Arctic coast to the always-sunny Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From EU members Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to Kamchatka peninsula that is 4,000 miles away.

Don't be shy in picking locations. We can get papers as complicated as a permit to shoot in the Moscow subway.

Budgeting Your Production in Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Central Asia

We organized huge productions. We helped produce X episodes of CBS’ The Amazing Race. We arranged the shoot of Conan O Brien’s Conan special in Armenia. We made the St. Petersburg episode of BBC’s Top Gear possible.

But we are open to filmmakers and producers with any budgets who want to film in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia or any other former Soviet country. Although we’re focused on TV and documentary production, we welcome still photographers and commercial video producers equally.

Crew & Equipment

Some of the best Russian film and TV professionals are part of our crew pool. We have skilled directors and cameramen. Our PA’s speak excellent English.

Moscow has a solid production and equipment base. We can rent you anything from basic lights and stands to RED cameras. We’ll organize any transport from a simple cargo van to a fleet of buses and trailers.

We believe that corruption is the plague of the post-Soviet world. That’s why we are financially transparent and cover all expenses with documents.

Contact us to get a free consultation on your future production in Russia and beyond.