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This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Aleksandrovich and the family name is Solovkin.
Stanislav Solovkin
Born Станислав Александрович Соловкин
10 January 1977 (age 38)
Education Master's degreeJournalism
Alma mater Moscow State University
  • journalist
  • director
  • producer
Years active 1994–present
Known for Last Hero
The Amazing Race
Wait for me

Stanislav Aleksandrovich Solovkin (RussianСтанислáв Алексáндрович Соло́вкин, born 10 January 1977) is aRussian journalistdirector and producer.[1][2] He is best known for his work on "Last Hero," "Wait for me" and other popular television broadcasts.[3][4][5]

Two works of Solovkin ("Slave Market" and "Mysteries of Stalin. A Version of a Biography") were nominated for TEFI and made it to the final three.[6] As a producer he also took part in shooting the «Amazing Race» (CBS American television network), the popular Emmy Award winning reality show.[7][8][9]




Stanislav Solovkin was born on January 10, 1977 in Moscow.[10][11][12]

When he was 17 years old he got a job on the program "News for the Young" (ORT), where he first worked as a journalist, and then story-producer and director.[13][14]

In 1996 he matriculated in the Moscow University Faculty of Journalism, from which he graduated in 2002.[15][16]

From 1996 to 1997 he was a correspondent for the weekly news-paper "Novaya Gazeta".[17][18]

In 1997 Solovkin began working for the television company "VID",[19][20][21][22] where over the years he was an author,screenwriter, editor, producer and director of programs such as "Vzglyad", "Wait for me" "Make a step", "Another Life", "The Way That Happened"[23] and many others. At that same time, he was author and director of the documentary "Slave Market",[24][25][26] which was a TEFI finalist. The film received a critical acclaim.[27] Solovkin headed a TV group filming the events of the Second Chechen War.[28][29]

In the early 2000s Solovkin moved to Israel, where he worked at the Russian-language channel "Israel+".[30] He later served as deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Colour TV", and became the production manager and later co-executive producer of the show "Last Hero", a Russian version of World famous “Survivor” franchise.[31][32]

Since 2004 he has headed a number of TV companies producing programs for the Russian television.[33] As an executive producer he participated in the creation of "House of Romanov, Love and Death ","The Romanovs: the Last Day ", "Mysteries of Stalin - a Version of a Biography "(program-finalist in the TEFI National Competition") and other TV shows.[34] He also produced the comedy shows "Comedy on Channel One", "Funny People," "Umora",[35][36] "Funny Pictures", the reality shows "Wipe Out" and "Tower".[37]

Since 2008 he has collaborated with the CBS TV network (USA), for which he facilitated 9 series of the program "Amazing Race".[38] The program won several Emmy awards.[39]

In 2014 he founded the television and film production company "Soar Productions".[40][41]

In 2015 Solovkin facilitated of an episode of the program "Top Gear” in St. Petersburg.[42]



  • "Slave Market", Pervy Kanal. Nominated for TEFI, 2000.[43]
  • "Andersen. 200 Years after Childhood", Pervy Kanal
  • "The Last Mystery of General Kappel" TVC Network
  • "The Last Secret of the Royal Family," Rossiya Channel

TV shows[edit]

Stanislav Solovkin has worked on the co-production and facilitating of television programs for CBSBBCDiscoveryChannel 7 AustraliaTravel Channel, Sci-Fi and others.[44] including:

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Further reading[edit]

  • Michael Davidzon. The Chechenian chronicles of Stas Solovkin. "MASTER M", № 5, 2000
  • Fedor Razzakov. Shine and poverty of the Russian TV. Litres, 2013 г.

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