The monument for unsaved

«The monument for those, that we couldn't keep safe"

On Monday Vladimir Putin thanked the head of the «VID» television company in the Kremlin, and on Tuesday the «Slave Market» film was aired on the «Channel One».
On Tueasday the «Channel one» aired the «Slave Market», which will definitely attract public attention. The film , presented by the «VID», sails close to the wind: cut off heads, torturing of the hostages, their cries for help... It might seem, that hostage topic is substantially covered in the news. That is why some one may ask, if it was worth it to gather all the scariest news reports together and show them? Of course it was worth it! At least to remind, that these events take place right now, so people could think, that their relatives and close ones could be in the place of the hostages(there's a heartbreaking story of a boy, kidnapped near the entire of Moscow), to stop the talk about the uselessness of the Chechnya campaign.

We asked one of the creators of the film, Stanislav Solovkin, about its making:
- The idea belongs to the chief editor of the «VID» SErgy Kushnerev and the chairman of the Board of Directors Alexander Lubimov. The thing iz, that
the «Vzgliad» program has been following this topic for a long time, especially considering, that no law enforcement agencies has such a database on Chechnya hostages. By the way, without the help of the law enforcement agencies the film couldn't become so strong: Federal Security Service. Organised Crime Prevention Unit, General Prosecutors Office helped to organise the shootings... Dozens of local TV companies conducted the shootings at different locations. The raw material comprised over 500 hours. By the way, before the film came out on the «Channel One», it was watched by Vladimir Putin.

On the 12th of June he invited Sergey Kushnerev and Alexander Lubimov to the Kremlin and thanked them for the work, they have done. The President of Russia noted, that he was deeply touched by the «Slave Market» and that «the film should become the monument to those, who we couldn't save and who died from the hands of the bandits.»

Why couldn't we just make a series of episodes on the Chechnya hostages? We just didn't want to make a continual show. You should
understand, that there are limits to the human perception. One can withstand for 52 minutes (that's how long the «Slave Market» is), but more will be too much of a burden for the mind. Though, we are thinking of making another documentary on this topic.