Salve Market

The «Salve Market» - the truth, not the propaganda.

There's enough terror and violence on our television. For our psychic it might be even better to do without any slaughter close ups like in, say, the «Road patrol». But there is the truth that can't be not talked about, no matter how important the background for this is. The price of the saved nerves of the audience might be too high - thousands of people's lives. The «Slave market» documentary by the «VID» television company, aired on the 13th of June, is not for those, who take care of their nerves. This is that kind of truth, which should be known in details. Though our journalist Vadim Samodurov decided to ask Stanislav Solovkin, the director of the film, about the grade of the acceptable when you are telling this kind of story.

TT: Where did you get that number - 6400 people, sold in Chechnya?
SS: We have been working for three years. The worked started with the materials about the people, enslaved in Chechnya, for the «Vzglyad» program. Our own journalists were held captives too and knew how the human traffic was conducted. Then we started to gather the information about this. As a result we managed to create a database, the analogues of which don't exist in the hands of any special forces unit. It contains the information about the people, enslaved in Chechnya. Now we know about the fates of three and a half thousand. The rest are probably gone now - we know nothing about them.

TT: In the movie you told only several stories about those people, who were enslaved. Does it mean, that you didn't want to shock the audience?

SS: The things, that are in the film are enough to chock any audience. That wasn't our goal. We just wanted to point out the problem, that the society has no knowledge of. It came out as a 50 minutes film. With the 500 hours of the raw materials shot. And we are going to make a continuation, but not only about the fates of the slaves, but disclosing the mechanism and details of the business of selling people. It's important for us to help those, who can be helped and prevent the extension of this «business.»

TT: Everyone knows this film will be shown in Europe to the authorities, that judge the methods of Russia in Chechnya. What is your attitude towards the usage of the film as an argument in the solving of the Chechnya conflict by force?

SS: We hope, that the documentary evidence of what was happening and happens in Chechnya will help the Europeans to form the objective opinion about this story. Our film is not a propaganda. If we are asking the people about anything, it is the elementary care. Our film is based on the facts. The tapes, sent to the relatives of the captives by the slavers. We can't add or deduct anything.

TT: Did you think if it was necessary to show the audience the shooting, where a man has his head chopped off with an axe or a finger shot off. After the film by Nevzorov the «Purgatory» it is received as a next slaughterhouse.

SS: This moments are minimum. We even don't show these materials up to the end and let the witnesses speak. We almost don't show any shots of the public prisoners' executions.
Yes, death is not what you bring to the public attention. And we didn't have such a goal. We just told the truth.

Our file.
The «Slave market» film can be called the first director experience of Stanislav Solovkin. In any case, we have no doubts, that this film will be noticed and provide the soil for the discussion of the work of the young journalist and director.

Stanislav is only 23 years old, but in this young age you can be a scuffle professional on TV. It's enough to just state the projects, in which Stanislav took part. He worked for the «Teleutro» from 1994 to 1996 at the «Channel One.» 1996 - 1997 he is a journalist for the «Novaya Gazeta.» Since 1997 - editor and author of «How it was.» Apart from this he prepared the stories for the «Stare»,

«Make a move» and «Looking for you.» It becomes clear, that Stanislav has his own view in the journalism. People. Just people. Their fates.

After the making of the «Slave market» was finished, Solovkin keeps on studying the topic of the slavery in Chechnyaand searching the disappeared people. The work on the continuation of the
«Slave market» will start soon.