Long Time No See!

«Long time no see!" - we tell the people, who we are truly glad to see. And we ourselves are always glad to hear these warm words from friends and relatives. The new show will be liked by those people, who prefer to spend Saturday evenings with their family, listen to good music and funny stories from celebrities and just have a rest in from of the TV.

This is a musical entertainment program, which is characterised by the home-like atmosphere on set. «We wanted to recreate kind and intelligent friendly atmosphere of a Moscow kitchen, - says the director Lina Arifulina. - That reminds me of the «Pokrovskie gates» movie». Of course, the time is different, but we wanted to bring the atmosphere, soul and comfort of those days. And I think we succeeded. This is mainly the achievement of one of our hosts Olga Aleksandrovna Arosieva - a remarkable actress".

Together with Olga Arosieva the hosts are Ilya Noskov («Azazel», «Moscow Saga») and Ekaterina Volkova («The Voronins»). Together with the guests they will drink tea, listen to music and tell stories on a given topic. «First of all the audience of the «TV-centre» channel will see the shows «The city, that never sleeps» (about partying and night life of the capital), «Love and the city», «Mystics»,
«Iwitness», «City of childhood», «Moscow legends», - says the producer of the show Stanislav Solovkin.

- The guests of our remarkable hosts will be Svetlana Masterkova, Olga Tumaykina, Tatyana Vasilieva. Rim Markova, Valdis Pelsh, Alexander Oleshko, Larisa Rubalskaya, Evklid Kurdzidis, Andrew Noskov, Levon Oganezov, Oleg Anofriev and others. Also the audience will
performances of the masters and young singers - Zara, Lev Leshenko. Stay Pieha, Alexey Glizin, Tamara Gvertsiteli, Oleg Gazmanov, Yuri Antonov, Peter Dranga and many others. Even the first 8 episodes will have about 120 performances and 30 guests!»
«Most of all I was amazed by the quantity of the staff working for the show, - said the host of the show Ilya Noskov. - For the short shooting period I heard a great number of stories, which touched me in this or that way. Even after three-four days after the shoot I remembered them.» By the way, the stories will be told not only by the guests, but the hosts themselves. For instance, Olga Alexandrovna Arosieva remembered the parties of her childhood: «I remember, how we asked for the potato peels in the canteens, washed it in hot water, grounded it and made pancakes. It tasted so good!»