Visa support for TV producers and filmmakers in Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Whatever country you choose to film in, you come across a visa issue first thing.

  • Do I need a business visa to film in Russia?
  • How do I obtain a filming visa?
  • Do I need any accreditation?

We operate in more than a dozen of countries, and each of them has its own visa rules and regulations, especially when it comes to television and film production.

For example, filming in ArmeniaKyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan requires an accreditation issued by local ministries of foreign affairs, while most of the nationalities don’t need visas as such to enter these three countries. On the other hand, filming in Russia does not require accreditation for most of the crews, while a proper visa is a must.

Georgia, being one of the most TV-friendly countries in the World, opens its doors to TV and film makers requiring neither visas nor accreditation.

Soar Production House provides its clients with full range of visa support services starting with consultancy and ending up with visa invites if required. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details and information.