Kyrgyzstan visa information for filming and TV production

Kyrgyzstan has minimal formalities for international film, television or commercial productions.

US citizens and most Western nations don't need a visa to enter this small Central Asian nation. You can check if you need a visa here.

What you do need is an accreditation from the Foreign Ministry. This applies not only to journalists and documentary filmmakers, but also for those willing to shoot feature films.

An accreditation paper may come in handy when you're in Kyrgyzstan. In most cases, you can use it as your ID.

The procedure is simple. You need to file the synopsis of your project, short bios of your crew and their passports and photos. Learn more about the procedure on the website of Kyrgyzstan's film commission KRIF.Com.

The authorities limit the time for issuing of accreditation to one month. But in exceptional cases, this could take considerably less time.

Any of our clients is an exceptional case. Ask us anything you want about Kyrgyzstan and get an answer within hours.