Logistics support for filmmakers and TV producers

It is hard to overestimate importance of proper logistics and logistics planning. While "logistics" itself is quite a broad term, in terms of TV and film production it mostly concerns transportation and accommodation.

Over the years we have been working both best hotels and the most demanding clients from all over the world. Hence, we have worked out the perfect balance between price, quality and production functionality of hotels. Production hotel is something we definitely know about. Moreover, years of cooperation with certain hotels allow us to enjoy considerable discounts for crews.

Transportation is of no less importance for any production. We work with most the professional, adequate and safe transportation companies and individual drivers, providing our customers with the widest range of transportation, starting from simple sedans and production vans ending with luxury cars and huge busses.

In many of the countries we operate in, vehicle insurance is not mandatory yet. However, we only work with insured cars. Also, insurance coverage can be increased upon customer’s request.