Location management service and location scouting for filmmakers and TV producers

Proper location scouting and further location management is the key for successful production. All the countries we operate in have unique and breath-taking locations. Many of them are still not explored by TV and film production industry. Locations in Kyrgyzstan are famous for their amazing mountains, while those in Kazakhstan are pretty notorious for steppes. Georgia and Armenia are full of ancient architectural masterpieces. In Ukraine you can have both post-apocalyptical scenes in Chernobyl and medieval Europe in Lviv. Russia is so huge, that it is hard to tell indeed, what sort of location one can’t find there.

However, location scouting is not only about finding beautiful spot. It also about taking into consideration countless details about the location, starting from its accessibility and ending with its price vs production value.

We work with the most professional location scouts on the territory of former Soviet Union. Also, we are very well connected to officials in every country of operation, while guarantees any production we work with security and safety.

We are “permits freaks”, too. Whatever location you chose it will be permitted officially and in written with further release signing.