Local crew available for hire in Russia and the former USSR countries

No matter what kind of international production you are involved in, you need a local crew. This might be something small, - like a couple of production assistants. Or that can be a full crew, when a customer only brings in key decision makers.

Russia, like wise most of the former Soviet Union countries, is notorious for its professional and skilled film and TV makers. Even considering comparatively high taxes, the rates are pretty competitive to those in the Western world countries. On top of that, in neither of the countries Soar Productions operates it, there are Unions, so the rates and overtime are negotiable.

Camera operator and crew - Soartv.tv

Below is the list of the crew available for hire:

  • 1st AD
  • 2nd AD
  • 2nd camera assistant
  • 3rd AD
  • Animal specialist
  • Animal wrangler
  • Art director
  • Art assistant
  • Art labor
  • Boom operator
  • Camera engineer
  • Camera operator
  • Casting assistants
  • Casting director
  • Costume assistant
  • Costume designer
  • Director
  • Director of photography (films and commercials)
  • Director of photography (TV and documentaries)
  • DIT and playback assistant
  • Dolly & crane technicians
  • Editor
  • Editor on set
  • Executive producer
  • Extras
  • Focus puller
  • Gaffer
  • Grip / electrician
  • Jib operator
  • Key grip
  • Line producer
  • Location manager
  • Location scout
  • Makeup & hair assistant
  • Makeup & hair stylist
  • Post-production producer
  • Production assistant
  • Production manager
  • Props assistant/buyer
  • Props master
  • Runner
  • Set dresser
  • SFX specialist
  • Sound recordist
  • Stunt director
  • Stunts
  • Translator


Camera crew - Soartv.TV