2016-10-21 14:55:00

The Russian Health Ministry will open drunk tanks in 11 cities that will host 2018 FIFA World Cup, the chief narcologist said.

“Drunk tanks will be a part of drug treatment centers”, Evgeniy Bryun said. He added that this kind of facilities will help fans to handle “difficult situations.”

Most foreign fans who will come to the World Cup in Russia won’t need drunk tanks, the chief of Research Center of Alcohol believes.

“Drunk tanks is for countries with a street culture of alcohol consumption… About 45% of  foreigners drink alcohol at pubs or cafes”, Vadim Drobiz said.

He added that people who watch matches at home drink more alcohol than at bars or anywhere else.

Russian authorities decided to close drunk tanks in 2011. In 2015 the chief of Health Ministry proposed to open them again.