2017-01-27 21:25:00

The authorities will spend $33 million on restoration of the iconic Motherland Calls monument in Volgograd, the pressoffice of the Stalingrad Battle museum announced.

The Motherland Calls statue commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad (Volgograd). It was built in 1967 and remained the largest statue in the world for some time.

“The statue needed a refurbishment years ago. The concrete was falling from the top of the monument that posed a threat to tourists,” the museum’s representative said.

The authorities are going to  renew the cables inside the statue and concrete parts outside. The works will begin in the spring, and will complete before the 2018 FIFA World Cup begins.

Volgograd, formerly named Stalingrad, was the epicentre of one of World War II’s bloodiest battles. The city will host four matches of FIFA 2018’s group stage next summer.