2016-11-15 19:15:24

Flight search service Skyscanner included Kaliningrad in its top-10 list of the most popular destinations during November holidays in Russia.

Kaliningrad moved up from the 19th to the 6th place in the ranking of Skyscanner.

“Most Russian tourists have already visited Sochi and Crimea. Now they are looking for new destinations,” PR manager of Skyscanner Dmitriy Khavansky told local media.

He added that the government is developing tourism in Kaliningrad and airlines are increasing the number of flights to the city.

Kaliningrad’s tourism experts believe that the main reason of the city’s increasing popularity is the currency crisis in Russia. After the ruble lost about half its value against the euro, travelling to the EU became too expensive for many.  

Kaliningrad region is Russia’s westernmost exclave, bordering Poland and Lithuania. Until the end of World War II, Kaliningrad was a German city named Koenigsberg. It still has old German buildings, including a XIV-century gothic temple.

City’s authorities predict that 1.8 million tourists will visit Kaliningrad in 2016.