2016-10-02 13:56:00

One of the most beautiful cities on Earth, St. Petersburg will host seven games of the 2018 World Cup.

The city was built from scratch by first Russian emperor Peter the Great in 1703 and became the capital. That started a rivalry with Moscow that lasts up to the present day.

St.Petersburg is winning the battle for tourists. Every year, about 5 million visitors come here, that is more than the city's population. The whole center of St. Petersburgh is the UNESCO World Heritage site. Many cathedrals and palaces were built by the finest European architects of the time.


The stadium on the Krestovsky island of St. Petersburg is about to become one of the most hi-tech sports venues in the world. A project by Japanese architect Kisho Kurosawa includes a retractable roof to hide the athletes and fans from bad weather (that is St. Petersburg is sort of famous for). The stadium will host the always-tense match for the third place on July 14.


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