Rebates for foreign productions -- now in Russia

Russia has finally started to introduce a cash rebate scheme in an attempt to attract foreign productions, the Russian Film and TV Producers Association announced in early June.

"We have signed a total of 10 agreements with 10 regions. We're talking about a scheme of rebates on local production expenses. Actually, the whole world works like this. Aside from Africa and Russia. But now we're on it, too," Anna Maslova, who runs the program, said.

Here are the regions confirmed to be taking part in the program:


St. Petersburg

- Novgorod

- Kareliya


- Rostov-on-Don

- Kaliningrad (20% rebate)

- Primorskiy region

We're waiting for more exact information and will keep you updated. In the meantime, you can contact us to learn more about filming in any region of Russia or the former Soviet Union.

P.S.: Check out the rebate program of Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan -- you can get up to 20% of local production expenses back.