Shoot Commercials in former Soviet Space: Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus

Soar Productions teams up with one of Russia's best advertising professionals to launch a full-fledged commercial division.

Leonid Zalessky is one of Russia's most experienced commercial director. He has shot over 100 commercials for brands like Coca Cola, Sony, Samsung, Hyundai and Danone. Leonid has been working with virtually all leading commercial productions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The post-Soviet area is underappreciated in terms of locations. Your choice is not limited to the Red Square. From Moscow's tallest skyscrapers in Europe to snowy peaks in Kyrgyzstan; from ancient mosques in Uzbekistan to the pristine Kamchatka, Soar Productions provides world-class production services. We have something to offer for every brief and budget. 

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