Location scouting and filming in Caucasus Mountains in Dagestan of Russian Federation

Dagestan is considered to be the highest mountainous region of all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. This region is mainly known for the sad events that took place from the early 1990s to the early 2000s. Nowadays, the government of the Republic of Dagestan relies on the development of tourism, and, in particular, extreme tourism. This decision is a justified as the mountains became the landmark of Dagestan.

What is Dagestan like today?

Many people know the expression "Caucasian hospitality" for sure. Residents of Dagestan would usually correct this phrase saying that guests in the house mean happiness. This forms the primary driver of the region's development. Dagestan is the most multi-ethnic region within the Russian Federation, and every nation has managed to preserve its unique culture. Folk art, monuments of culture, history, and architecture attract a large number of tourists. Interestingly, very little research has been done since the Soviet times. That is why there are still many locations for archaeological and cultural research.

Mountain landscape in Dagestan, Caucasus of Russian Federation

Dagestan used to have the negative media image. The coast of the Caspian Sea, one of the most intriguing republic features, has been almost forgotten. 530 kilometers of sandy beaches, warm sea and 150 days a year for a beach holiday are perfect for the tourism industry. Nowadays the coast has many spa resorts and hotels. In case you want to film on the coast, the accommodation is all set!

The average Dagestan height of above sea level is about 1 km. Most of the territory of the Republic is covered by mountains. The Northern part is the Greater Caucasus, the South is the Caucasus mountains Dividing range. The Ministry of tourism of Dagestan is engaged in active development of extreme sports, such as rafting. Dagestan mountains have many rivers of varying degrees of danger, and rafting is practiced there since the Soviet times. Paragliding has been practiced here as well. Pushkin - Tau mountain is one of the significant landmarks of Dagestan. If you look at it from a certain angle, the shapes of the rocks are similar to the profile of the poet Alexander Pushkin.

Mount Bazardüzü, the highest peak of Dagestan

The highest peak of Dagestan is located on the border with Azerbaijan. This is Mount Bazardüdü, and its height is 4 466 meters. The Northern slope has two glaciers, and one of them is entirely possible to reach. Bazardüdü is very popular with climbers. However, mostly Russian mountaineers spend time there, and Bazardüdü is not famous within the international community. The mountain is very picturesque, its slopes are covered with meadows. While being, you can come across mountain goats they are found tours, chamois and roe deer Mountain turkeys, and snowcocks live at high altitudes and on glaciers.

The most unusual mountain in Dagestan – Mount Shalbuzdag

Shalbuzdag is not only the most unusual but also the most famous mountain of Dagestan. Its height is only 4 142 meters, which does not make it the highest one. However, a few several features make it so unique. The first one is the mount location. It stands alone, apart from other mountains. The second feature is its jagged peak. For thousands of years, nature has worked on such an unusual spike. This led to creating of many legends and beliefs associated with Shalbuzdag. For example, religious people still make a pilgrimage there. According to legends, several prominent historical figures are buried there on the jagged peak.

Panorama of Schalbus-Dag mountain in Dagestan, Caucasus of Russian Federation

Coming to some exciting facts now! There are two mosques in neighborhoods of Shalbuzdag. Moreover, here is located the highest settlement in Europe - the village of Kurush. The town is at an altitude of 2560 meters above sea level!

According to the impressions and reviews of those who have already visited Dagestan, this is a very peaceful region. Unfortunately, the danger of terrorist attacks exists everywhere in the world. Don’t worry! A lot of police and anti-terrorist agencies are continually working in Dagestan. They do care about the safety of both the local population and visitors. Thanks to this, you will have a lot of comfortable space for filming in the beautiful locations of Dagestan. Contact us for more information.