Filming and location scouting at Kizhi island in Karelia Republic of Russia

Kizhi island is the largest outdoor museum of wooden architecture in Russia. The complex was included on UNESCO`s World Heritage Site list.

Wooden churches of Kizhi on lake Onega in Karelia Republic in Russia

Where is Kizhi island located?

Kizhi is an island in the center of Onega Lake, in 70 km distance from the capital of the Karelia Region, Petrozavodsk. The island is almost 6 km long and 1 km wide.

Wooden architecture of Kizhi

The collection includes almost 90 wooden structures: houses, churches, bell towers, windmills, barns, bath houses. They have been moved from various parts of Karelia in the 1950th, when the open air museum was founded. The most amazing fact about Kizhi wooden architecture is that no nails were used: pieces have been just notched together.

The church of transfiguration and St. Lazarus Church in Kizhi

The most famous building of Kizhi island is the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior. 37 meter height church with 22 onion domes was constructed in 1714; the bell tower was added later. Another chapel, the church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, is the oldest wooden church not only in Kizhi island, but in Russia: constructed in 14th century, it was the first building of the Murom Monastery. This church is only 3 meters tall.

Church of Transfiguration on Kizhi island in Karelia Russia

Kizhi museum

The Kizhi museum contains 41 000 exhibits: tools, dishes, furniture, rare books and papers, church items and more than 1000 icons. Now the Kizhi museum has held folklore festivals and offer a live expositions that demonstrates old crafts and ceremonies.

Kizhi: how to get there

First of all, you have to reach Petrozavodsk. The city can be reached by train (12-13 hours from Moscow or 5-6 hours from Sant Petersburg) and plane (only 1.5 hours from Moscow). From Petrozavodsk ferries and hydrofoils can be taken to the island, but only in summer navigation period (from May to September). In winter you can reach the island by helicopter.

Weather forecast in Kizhi

The climate on the island is pretty cold (it`s good for preservation purposes). The warmest month is usually July, when the average high temperature is +20°C.