Ideas for filming in Russia: Molebka is the anomalous zone in Russia.

We have already covered some anomalous zones in Russia. It is time to reveal another one! This area is called "Molebka", which can be translated as “a place to pray." Molebka is widely known as a home of various paranormal phenomena and UFO encounters in Russia. This article deals with the most popular of them.

Earliest evidence

From the late 1700s, there were a large iron smelting and production factory in the confluence of Molebka and Sylva rivers. The factory was built by the investor only because these rivers simplified the delivery of the finished products. The factory owner and most of his hired workers were not born there, they were surprised that the indigenous people warned them against going over the Sylva river and building something there. The natives said that strange things took place sometimes. Pagan tribes lived in this area, and these places were still supposedly protected by the spirits and deities. The factory owner described these stories and phenomena in letters to his family. Those letters are the earliest official source confirming the existence of supernatural events in Molebka.

Much later, in 1989, this zone attracted public attention again. The reason was a series of publications in one of the leading Soviet newspapers. The author described his journey to Molebka, his observations and feelings there. The place became very popular among tourists and travelers. Moreover, esotericism and alternative science were flourishing at that time. Not until 1992, around 450,000 people attended Molebka. The infrastructure started being built there, the old buildings were torn down, fields were cleared for camping areas.

The entire area of the paranormal phenomena is about 70 km2 and the area of UFO sightings around 1000 km2. Moreover, it is possible to hire an experienced guide who knows these places and can show all the main sites.

Anything to observe now?

In general, people visit this area as there seems to be a “place of power.” Visitors note a few things there: the special air, complete silence and gripping physical experiences. For example, the guides suggest trying not to follow the predetermined route but improvise a bit. The direct the impulses from the “outside” would usually guide a person. Only during such unconscious movements a person’s body can be filled with the unique energy of this place. Someone mentioned that they experienced some other feelings, but it is all very individual.

Researches divide Molebka into several zones, and each of these is characterized by its own phenomena. For instance, there is a substantial deformed tree on the site of one of the destroyed houses in the zone “Settlement”. Who knows what force made it twist like that?

The other place is called the "Witch's rings." Local guides claim that when trying to take a photo of anything within this zone, the picture also presents unusual white balls with a black center. Another area is quite small and surrounded by a birch grove. If you touch these trees at frosty weather, they remain warm no matter what. According to eyewitnesses, flying UFO ships are easily noticeable over the grove.

Talking about the phenomena related directly to UFOs, the so-called “Gate” can be mentioned. This “Gate” belongs to the area called “Snake hill.” There is a specific path, and if one stands at its beginning of it and tries to relax the eyes, it is possible to see the small gate hovering above the ground. Some people even claim to have gone inside the gate and have spoken there with the aliens.

How to get there?

The nearest major airport is located in Yekaterinburg. It takes about 250 km to get to Molebka from there. No worries, this distance can be covered by car. Accommodation for the crew can be arranged in one of the nearest villages to the anomalous zone.

Our company will be pleased to organize your research there. We take care of transportation, equipment for filming; we also help to find guides and researchers who have already been engaged in research of this zone.