Filming in Udmurtia republic of Russian Federation

Where is Udmurtia?

The Udmurt Republic, or Udmurtia, is located in Central Russia, to the west of the Ural Mountains, between the branches of two big rivers: the Kama and the Vyatka. The capital city of Udmurtia, Izhevsk, is about 1000 km from Moscow; you can get there by plane (1.5 hours) or by train (17 hours).

Izhevsk city in Udmurt Republic

The capital city, Izhevsk, is world famous for its industry. Especially the arms industry, of course. That`s why the most popular museum of the city is dedicated to the world`s most famous assault rifle and its inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov. If you have ever felt curious about what it feels like to fire an AK47 – you can try it at a shooting range in the museum`s basement.

The Museum of Udmurt architectural and ethnographic culture `Ludorvay` on the outskirts of the city is an unique opportunity to travel back in time. You`ll be able to visit the households, try Udmurt traditional foods, ride a horse, feed the domestic animals of the farmstead, attend local craft workshops and celebrations.

Votkinsk town in Udmurtia

This town is famous as a birthplace of the most popular Russian composer - Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The house where he was born and spent his early years now is preserved as a museum. Near the town there is the official residence of Tol Babay, the Udmurt Santa Claus.

Another interesting place near Votkinsk is Muvyr village: the location where the first Udmurt movie was filmed. The film `The shades of Alangasars` tells the story of the local tribes, their life and rituals. Originally built as a temporary set for the film, the village is abandoned now.


Sarapul is the oldest town of Udmurtia. Once upon a time it was very rich merchant town, and now the city center looks like an outdoor museum of the 19th century`s architecture.

Udmurtia`s natural attractions

There are many inspiring natural wonders in the Udmurtia Republic. The Baygurez mountain with the stunning view of the river below. Zuevy Klyuchi with its healing springs. Ust-Belsk National park with its beautiful pathways along Kama banks. The mysterious Chegandinskye caves. And, of course, Nechkinsky National Park with its magnificent landscapes and ancient archaeological sites. If you`re interested in filming in any of these places, please contact us and we`ll help you with location scouting.