Filming in Russia, film in Russia, TV production in Russia

Filmmakers and television producers planning a project in Russia often get confused by the variety of locations in the country. Russia is the largest country in the world that occupies about ⅙ of land. You can find almost every scenery across Russia’s 11 time zones, yet most people can name only a few big cities or extremely huge areas like Siberia.

The main thing about Russia is that you can find filming locations of almost any kind. Head to Sochi for warm sea or fly to Kamchatka peninsula for unbelievable volcanoes. Need to film deserts of sand and ice? We have both. Medieval castles in Russia? You’ll get it covered.

While our fixers cover every single corner in Russia, it’s impossible to expose all spots of the country by photos. But we will try. Starting with the article on Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk Region and its filming highlights, we will publish short posts about each of the 85 Russian regions once a week. They will include shots of attractions and typical landscapes, as well as amazing stories from the area.

If you want to film in Russia, but can’t decide where to go aside from Moscow and St. Petersburg, you’ll have a good place to start researching. Contact us if you’re interested in something specific about Russia or the former Soviet Union.

P.S. No matter what they say, Russia is still one of the most film- and TV-friendly nations in the world. We guarantee it.