Filming in Karelia republic: Ladoga lake

Without exaggeration, lake Ladoga is one of the most amazing destinations in Russia. Here you can find a full range of travel possibilities you can think of: outstanding natural areas, ancient castles, old monasteries and remote islands.

Where is lake Ladoga?

Lake Ladoga is located in northwestern Russia, partly in Leningrad Oblast and partly in the Republic of Karelia, only 40 km from St Petersburg (so it`s pretty easy to get there). Lake Ladoga`s size is breathtakingly huge: it`s the largest lake on the European continent and the 14th in the world. The lake covers an area of 17600 sq km, and its greatest depth is 260 m. The best time to visit Lake Ladoga is between June and September, when the weather is relatively warm.

Valaam and Konevets islands

There are about 500 islands on the lake. The most famous and beautiful is Valaam Archipelago - a cluster of more than 50 isles with magnificent nature and serene atmosphere. The main island of the archipelago, called Valaam too, is well-known for its 14th-century orthodox monastery.

Another old orthodox monastery, which was founded in the 14th century too, is located on the island named Konevets (about 60 km from Valaam). Both places are quite popular with both tourists and pilgrims.

The Ladoga Skerries Park

The Ladoga Skerries national park is one of the most magnificent places of the lake: the rock formations, parted by a maze of channels. Some of the cliffs are 80-90 m high, and the highest point of the park, Petsevara mountain, is 187 m.

Korela and Oreshek fortress

In the small town Priozersk at the northwestern shore of Lake Ladoga there is a perfectly preserved Korela Fortress. Founded in 1143, it was destroyed and rebuilt many times. Last time it was rebuilt in 1580 by Swedes; now it`s a classic example of Western European bastion fortification.

Another famous medieval fortress, Shlisselburg (Oreshek), is located on a tiny island in the river Neva`s outflow from Lake Ladoga. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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