Filming and location scouting in Arkhangelsk of Russia

Arkhangelsk is the “Russian gate” to the Arctic, the homeland of the Pomors, the country’s first harbor and the central trading city before the founding of St. Petersburg. Moreover, it is also the land of reservoirs and relic forests.

Where is Arkhangelsk located?

Arkhangelsk is located in the delta of the Northern Dvina, approximately 35 kilometers from its confluence with the White Sea. The most convenient way to get to Arkhangelsk is by plane from St. Petersburg (1.5 hours) or Moscow (2 hours).


You can see flashes of the northern lights in winter; the temperature can reach -40ºC (-40 °F). Summer in Arkhangelsk is the time of amazing white nights. It happens when the sun is barely hidden behind the horizon. The temperature can rise to +30ºC (86 °F). The population of Arkhangelsk is around 349,742.

History and Сulture

The history of the Arkhangelsk harbor - the first in the country – has nearly 500 years. More than 200 expeditions to Novaya Zemlya and the Northeast Passage started from the berths of the city. The building of the sea-river station is one of the symbols of Arkhangelsk. It is known for being depicted on a 500-ruble bill. Arkhangelsk is described as the cultural and historical capital of the Russian North. The most remarkable is the unique open-air Museum established near Arkhangelsk - the State Museum of wooden architecture and folk art “Malye Karely.” There you can find unique creations of folk architecture of the Russian North: peasant huts, mills, wooden churches, and chapels. “Malye Karely” is an excellent place for historical films.

The shooting of series about the life of Grigory Rasputin took place there. The idol of millions, Gérard Depardieu, played the leading role.

The International Street Theater Festival, which attracts dozens of theaters from around the world, enjoys special love among citizens and guests of the city. At this time, Arkhangelsk turns into a street theater with a vast number of enchanting performances, a carnival procession, various master classes in acting, clowning, walking on stilts.