Location scouting and filming at famous landscaping park in Russian Kaluga area: Nikola-Lenivets village

Today we want to share a story about Nikola-Lenivets village. It is the largest landscaping art-park in Europe.

This place is meant to become an ideal location for filming in Russia. The village of Nikola-Lenivets is located in the Kaluga region (about 200 km from Moscow). This area is not super popular yet. If you look for new heroes for a story about contemporary Russian art, or an unusual location, this art-village completely meets your requirements! It is exactly worthy to be shown on BBC Russia.

Beginning by Russian modern artist

The village has become one of the important places for modern art lovers since the mid-90s of the XX century. The reason is that there are architectural objects made from natural materials. The idea of such a park dawned to Ilya Polissky. He was a Russian modern artist who made a great impact on Saint -Petersburg cultural waves and lifestyle during the mid-80s. Being a well-sold landscape painter before, Polissky decided to engage in land art. Land art is monumental visual art. It is inseparable from the part of the natural environment where the project is performed.

Landscaping art-park today

Constructions did not happen overnight for sure. With the help of local residents and investors, Ilya was able to turn the village into a real Russian contemporary open-air museum. Art-park "Nikola-Lenivets" occupies the area of 650 hectares nowadays. This territory annually hosts “Arkhstoyanie”, an international festival of contemporary art. Moreover, the festival "Night of New Media" where artists present their interactive projects with light, sound in the natural environment also takes place here.

Artists from different countries created art objects, especially for this place. The main idea of land-art is to draw parallels between an art object and the environment. These pieces of art are not portable. Let us have a look at the art object "Ear". It is located on the edge of the hill. A person sitting inside “Ear” can hear only the silence of the fields and rivers. The noise from the village side cannot be heard here.

Photo Art-object "Nicolino Ear" in Nikola-Lenivets art-village. Kaluga region. Russia - SOARtv.TV

"Selpo" (2015) Nikolay Polissky. The word “selpo" means a village store in the USSR. This art object is built on the actual ruins of such a rural store. The artist covered the concrete walls with wooden blocks of irregular shape. The idea was to give the building an authentic look of the lost in time construction.


It is a componentized figure consisting from the heap of stairs - a kind of transition from the forest to the infinite sky. The stairs are identical to each other. One can only imagine how beautiful this design will collapse.

Photo Art-object "Stairway to Heaven" - Nikolo-Lenivets Art-village in Kaluga Russia - SOARtv.TV

"Headquarters" (2015), art group "Alycha". The building looks modern outside, and there is a real ramp for skateboarding inside. You can also arrange places for sleep in here. The authors planned this art to be a place for skaters-introverts. The surrounding forest also emphasizes privacy.

Art park administration is super friendly and is committed to cooperation. Commercial filming on the territory is paid. Many art objects look surreal, others mysterious and even frightening under the necessary lighting. These are the reasons why they are popular with scenic photographers.

Apart from art objects, there is a tourist infrastructure in the village. It includes a hostel, guesthouses, and cafes. There is also a farm with its own beer garden and riding stables. In addition to all this, there is an old Orthodox church (built in 1802). It does not function as a religious building anymore. Local craftsmen are engaged in the manufacture of wooden toys, and they will gladly give a couple of lessons to their guests.

Photo Trinity church at Nikola Lenivets village Kaluga Russia SOARtv.TV

How to get to Nikola-Lenivets?

There are many options. The most comfortable one is by plane from Moscow (or Saint Petersburg) to Kaluga city. Then you will need to drive about 50 km by car. There is also an opportunity to take an express suburban train (about 2h). If you are eager to opt for a more pleasurable travel mode, our company is ready to organize a transfer for your filming crew.  Don't hesitate, just contact us for further information.