Facilitated access to Uzbekistan for filming & TV productions

Uzbekistan has been one of the most isolated nations in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union. Complicated procedure of bringing crew and unfriendly customs have made it difficult for foreign filmmakers and TV people to explore one of the most ancient and stunning countries of Central Asia.

But since the new leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev came to power in 2016, the country has started opening up. The national currency was liberalized, getting a visa became easy for many developed nations, and now the government is expressing interest in foreign film and TV productions. 

To this point, foreign staff and gear could be brought in only after a long (and expensive) clearance by bureaucracy. Due to our history of successful projects in Uzbekistan, Soar Productions has been granted special conditions by authorities to facilitate access to the country by international crews. 

Bukhara Islamic school Uzbekistan - Soartv.TV


We’ll get a Foreign Ministry accreditation after you tell us the following details:

  • List of crew;
  • Locations;
  • Draft screenplay;
  • List of equipment.

Visa support

All film and TV crew members will have visa support from the Foreign Ministry.


Uzbekistan customs has been somewhat unpredictable, a potential downer for any production.  Now, filming equipment can be imported toll-free, according to the list you submitted earlier.


Filming with drones always drags heightened attention of the authorities in many regions. But from now on, foreign crews can bring and use their own drones, instead of the mandatory use of local drone operators.

Last, but not least -- a representative of the state tourist committee or other official department can accompany crews during the filming to prevent any misunderstanding with law enforcement, who are not just yet used to seeing the filming process. 

All the applications will be reviewed in 30 days maximum. More urgent queries are also possible to deal with.

Contact us to explore one of the most unique cultures in Asia that seeks coming back to the world map after a thousand years.