Location scouting and filming in Belarusian chalk quarry artifical lakes

If you are looking for a little-known yet accessible outdoor spot with striking views, perhaps as a budget location for a movie or TV show production, the inundated chalk quarries in Belarus republic has to offer might be the answer. Thanks to considerable depths and significant amounts of chalk making up the bed, the water in each artificial lake is incredibly bright – azure, turquoise, beryl – making one think of gems and tropical resorts. The technogenic landmark is also unique in that other quarries are still used for chalk extraction, and the only road to the site is frequented by heavy trucks and walled with pit refuse heaps.

Artificial lake formed on the site of the chalk quarries in Belarus.

The shorelines are mostly steep slopes prone to landslides, but each year more extreme athletes, daredevils and thrill-seekers find out about the Belarusian Maldives, as the chalk quarries of Belarus have been dubbed, and the currently still modest trickle of visitors grows steadily.

On a fair summer day, the intense colors of the water offset with the pure white brilliance of the chalky banks and the vibrant green of the trees and bushes create an unbelievably bright picture – a true find for a filming and TV crews or a movie producer looking for an inspiration. Contact us if you need location scouting in Belarus.

Artificial lake which appeared on cretaceous pits in Belarus republic