Explore Russia during the FIFA Confederations Cup and World Cup 2017-2018

This is a guest post by World Fixer, Soar Production's trusted partner in the UK and worldwide

In 2017 & 2018 there is only one destination for international football – Russia. The Confederations Cup is quickly followed by the World Cup attracting hundreds of thousands visitors to the country and the full attention of audiences globally.

The media landscape in the world’s largest country is varied and if you’re planning on producing during the tournament you’ll need local support – this is where we come in. "SOAR Productions" is Russia’s leading production company with clients ranging from flagship BBC formats to major brand campaigns. We’ve worked across commercials, Broadcast TV, sports and corporates for over ten years and know first hand the complexities of filming in the region.

Partnering with producers from World Fixer in the UK we aim to provide a comprehensive, streamlined service offering the best media solutions for international clients and a simple, familiar process for projects of all sizes.


Helping you produce in Russia around the soccer in 2017/2018

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